In a nutshell about us


If you are into modeling, promoting, and having fun then the idea of working with professionals has probably been on the agenda at some point in your career. Here ate Gangster we are not only professional but we are promoting a Brand, a Message and a Lifesyle!

At Gangster we have some of the best talent in the industry helping us spread the message of our brand, products and events. We put on some of the worlds best concerts, festivals and promotions and our "Gangster Gurls" are there with us 100% of the way!

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why us

We make electronics and modern fashion available to everyone.

For years we have been studying the electronics and fashion trends and today we can say with certainty – we know everything about them both.

Our company is passionate, experienced and best of all FUN!.

We see electronics and fashion as an immense field of self-expression and experiments that contains a lot of possibilities for engineers and designers.

Providing customers with high quality affordable products is what we do the best.

Since our foundation in 2012 the Gangster has been giving access to products of superior quality and at affordable prices.

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