Meet the Gangster Brand Ambassador Jordyn Ryder hailing from Texas one of the inked magazine models she is full of personality, sexiness and a blast to be around! Jordyn is passionate about charity just like Gangster and she makes the perfect fit to be the brands female ambassador!

"I'm a Texas girl who loves tattoos, animals, good people, great food and even better beer."

For the last year or so I have been wanting to become a part of something bigger than myself, I was determined to find a way to use my social media platform to help others in whatever small way I could. When Gangster first approached me, I was shocked and honored at the fact that they wanted me to be the ambassador for the brand. I will admit, a company called “Gangster” did not seem like a project that I would normally be involved with until I spoke with Chris. He told me about how the company is all about reaching out to kids and showing them that dreams are absolutely achievable, no matter where you come from. I completely stand behind their mission to get kids not only off the street and out of gangs, but to totally reinvent the term “gangster” while producing high quality/affordable products. I cannot wait to see what Gangster becomes and I am truly honored to be a part of a company that can and will change so many lives. “Be a gangster against the grain, be tough, be resilient; believe and you will achieve!”

Jordyn Ryder

Jordyn is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram