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Olivia Moore (Viia Amor) is a 25 yr old US Navy Veteran, Globally Published High fashion and Runway Model and a mommy. Born in Tampa Florida, currently living in Las Vegas. She has traveled 16 different countries, and plans to travel more. Viia is an entrepreneur, designer, MUA, editor and Model. She works with high fashion brands, bikini lines, fashion magazines, alternative magazines etc. She has walked 2 runways shows, Pulse Benefit Art Showcase and Fashion Show in Orlando, FL and just recently the 2016 Vegas Fashion Runway Show. She is an official Social Media networking editor and recruiter and has been a full time model for 2 years, modeling professionally now for 6 years. Viia has also explored into acting in the past 2 years although she doesnt plan to do much as an actress she said being on set of a marvel movie was surreal and she would do it all again. She is featured in the marvel movie "Ant-Man" and just recently was a main role in a short film directed by Chris Jackson starring the walking dead actors as a cybor warrior. She has been published in several magazines such as Total Ink Mag, US INK mag, Sweet Inked Mag and more

Viia has been featured in INKED Mag, Sullen Angels, love tattoo, Ink Junkeyz, Sweet & Inked Magazine, Vyzion Radio and more. Just recently Viia has partnered and worked with Reason Clothing in New York, Local Brand in Florida, Sweet Inked Magazine, Dianka Designs Bikini line, US INK Mag, H2Ocean Models, Primal Sirens, Ink Addict, Bikini Missfits, Sentient Cloth, BALR., Soul Supply CO., Patchmore Apparel, Various Vape Companies, Luxy Krush, Cali Ring, Shine Papers, Gangster Gurls, and Plank Eye Wear in California. Olivia  is Lanching her Brand called “LIVVIL EMPIRE” *coming soon* @livvilempire and also is launching her All natural organic Secret to her Skin Care line called Eve by Viia @evebyviia also she will be featured in an online auto racing game this summer as a celebrity guest driver you can race 🙂

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